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Not Your Average… personal coaching is tailored to your specific needs. 
I can help you develop your presentation style, craft messages that 
resonate with your audience, tell your organization’s "story" to key stakeholders and investors, develop your personal brand, and hone your leadership skills. 
Periodically I’ll post an article in the Resource section.  The current article is about how to start your story.
For the leader, storytelling is action oriented – 
a force for turning dreams into goals and then into results. 
Peter Guber in Harvard Business Review
Thank you for spending time on my site.  If you have a presentation to make and not much time to prepare, hit the In Case of Emergency button on your left.   It will help you think through and organize your presentation.  

Not Your Average… corporate communication workshops and seminars are highly interactive and help small and large groups present with confidence. The workshops are also powerful team builders.
Not Your Average… is just that! Not your average personal coaching and corporate communication workshops.
​In either case, I can help you give new life to technical presentations and help your sales presentations soar. I can help you articulate your personal brand and explore those traits we assign to executive presence.
Not Your Average… because all of my work with you is based on storytelling. We organize our lives around stories. 
Stories that engage an audience…
Stories that present a clear direction…
Stories that provide context and meaning… 
What could be more natural?