Translation… Help you be yourself.  Rather than try to make you something that you’re not, I will help you overcome the jitters and find the confidence you need to be an effective presenter.
What good is a smooth presentation if you don’t make your point and get people to do what you want them to do?  We’ll make sure you make it happen. 
Too often we get lost in the details.  We try to say too much or we don’t say enough.  We focus more on the “me” in the presentation and not on the needs of our audience.  I will help you make it personal, tell a good story, and move people in the direction you want them to go.
Frequently, videoconference meetings are not much more than boring conference calls with video.  At least in a conference call you can get some other work done.  On the other hand, if done well, the video conference can be one of your most powerful and efficient communication tools.  Let me help you take your videoconference to the next level.
How many times have you thought, “If it wasn’t for these #@%! meetings I might get some work done.”  And… How many times have you been the culprit?  I can help you strategize, organize, and conduct the meetings you would look forward to attending. 
At the center of your effectiveness as a leader is your personal brand.  Personal brand is the cornerstone of executive presence.  Executive presence is not something you can pick up by reading the Harvard Business Review.  It’s an active ongoing process.  
Where do you start?  Let’s talk.  
organize your thoughts and craft messages that resonate with your audience,
create and conduct videoconference meetings that support your business development, investor relations, training, or internal communication goals,
tell your organization, division, or department's "story" to key stakeholders and investors,
organize meetings to achieve greater success,
develop your leadership style.
I can help get you where you want to go!

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