The workshop helps you clarify leadership, organizational, and personal values so you can align your personal values with your professional aspirations and be a more effective leader. 
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Executive Presence: How do I get some?
Executive Presence: How do I get some? is designed for senior and high potential middle managers who want to polish their personal brand, develop their management style, and explore the skill sets necessary for effective leadership. 
What is Executive Presence? Is it political intelligence? Is it personal style? Is it something as mundane as good eye contact? The answer most people give is, “I can’t tell you, but I know it when I see it.” 
Executive Presence: How do I get some? focuses on three aspects of Executive Presence: 
• personal presence or brand - rooted in an individual’s core values 
• authentic communications skills - the hallmark of effective leaders 
• relationships - the stuff of strong personal and professional networks 
Executive Presence is cultivated over time. The Executive Presence: How do I get some? workshop is the first step.