This workshop is truly “not your average” workshop in that it goes one-step-further than the usual workshop by creating an opportunity for you to interact with clients, business partners, and internal support groups across the country. The workshop is customized to your organization’s particular goals and needs. 
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The process is simple. First we focus on the development of your messages. Then I train and practice the presenters who will deliver those messages. I work with you to coordinate the development of all the graphic and video materials needed to support the meeting. And finally on the day of the videoconference I coordinate all technical and transmission elements needed to make it work.
Videoconferencing can be so much more than a conference call with video… so much more than an online meeting with a whiteboard. Create dynamic videoconferences that engage your audience and accomplish your marketing and training goals. 
High-Impact Videoconferencing makes the videoconference one of your greatest assets. 
High-impact Videoconferencing enables you to plan, organize, and execute an effective, interactive videoconference meeting.