A great brand is a story that's never completely told.
Stories create the emotional context people need to locate 
themselves in a larger experience.
Scott Bedberry
New Brand World: Eight Principles for Achieving 
Brand Leadership in the 21st Century 

 It can also be deployed as a broad department or company wide program to boost morale and productivity. Sense of Place provides invaluable feedback about your brand.
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community, their successes, their failures, and their aspirations. It is a multi-disciplinary experience that places control of perspective, voice, and form in the hands of the individual. Each member of the community gets to define place, self, and community from his/her unique perspective. 
​Sense of Place helps people learn more about each other, their community, and the cultures in which they work. It helps break down the silos between departments in large organizations. Sense of Place helps small work groups and teams focus on their challenges and vision.
Sense of Place: Digital Storytelling
Sense of Place is a digital story telling “experience” where participants create videos, photo essays, and performance art that tell powerful stories about their lives, their
Sense of Place puts context and a human face on your company’s challenges. It increases understanding between cultures, and provides a creative outreach tool to connect your company to clients, vendors, partners, and the communities you serve.
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