Corporate Communication Workshops

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Corporate Communication Workshops
Corporate Video Production
The skill development learning experience can be delivered in a workshop or seminar format depending on your needs and the time you are able to commit to the training. Workshops are highly interactive and offer many opportunities for participants to practice and develop new skills. The seminar format is lecture driven with less participant interactions.
The Production Workshops are task oriented. They take you from theory to actual doing. If you want to put together a powerful videoconference or find a creative way to break down silos and bring your organization together these are worthwhile projects.

Beyond just learning skills, the Production Workshops create virtual meetings or events, valuable marketing presentations, or training programs for your organization. Turn video conferences into a powerful marketing or training tool. Use digital storytelling as a leadership development and team building experience that surfaces the real story behind your brand. 
The Production Workshops include:
The Skill Development Workshops include:
I offer two types of training. One is a personal skill development learning experience. The other is, literally, a hands-on production workshop in which you create your videoconference or digital story. Both options offer exciting team building opportunities.
The skill development workshops take you beyond theory to actual practice and are excellent team building exercises. They work with our natural affinity to listen to and tell good stories.
The Skill Development Workshops
The Production Workshops